Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Of what use is it to line all your ducks up into a nice neat row meeting all *available* information about what ducks you need and how they are to be presented, when there's a document that says one of your ducks needs to be thus and so and you've never seen or heard of it???

I took pains to make certain that my name and gender change documents for my birth certificate were appropriate and correct. This includes a letter from my Doctor saying I'm receiving "appropriate
*medical* care." And this bureaucrat says her guidelines [which I could NOT google or bing anything about even from her own website] require the letter state "appropriate *clinical* care."

Now, from the online Merriam-Webster definitions of clinical and medical, I read them as implying medical is a higher form of care because it implies a doctor is involved where as clinical is only something done at a clinic and doesn't require a doctor.

I'm not happy!


  1. That is ridiculous AND infuriating!!!

  2. Ugh this is when you KNOW these people are being picky and do NOT want to give you the gender change.

    It's quite unfair.

    Hope you get it all figured out, mom



  3. Sounds like what happened to me in South Georgia; I had a letter from my doctor that had the script dictated by my lawyer as to what it should read.
    When I took the first letter to DMV the bureaucrat explained that my letter did not match her 3 yr old manual requirement, use of Surgical. So I called my lawyer friend at Lambda Legal explaining what had happened; I had my doctor write another letter that included the old wording and took it back to DMV. After she called her state supervisor, she couldn't have been more helpful, and I walked out the door with my new and changed drivers license.

    It was fun watching her scramble to appease me after what I assumed was a serious chewing-out my her state level boss.

    Hope you continue to pursue this to the highest level.