Monday, April 18, 2011

Getting to long needed chores

I've closed the bank account I had at the bank my ex banks at. I hadn't been active with it for a long time and it needed to be closed. They are good people and they saw me go from a man to a woman. They never failed to treat me as a woman. I just wasnt comfortable banking there because of my ex. She never gave me any trouble about it -- it just felt like "her" bank.

And now I'm opening a new account at a major credit union. "Michael" used to have an account here years ago. I will gradually shift my banking here. Their services are better than the bank I'm currently doing most of my banking. But the credit union is large and it isn't as personal as my current bank.

I'm going to talk to Worksource this week about getting work they are supposed to have a program to help with getting on with Boeing. And then ... and then I have to just start dropping off apps.

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