Monday, December 24, 2012

Are you happy...

One night, many years ago in w different life, when I was putting my 1stDaughter to her crib, she asked me, "Are you happy and proud of me, Daddy?" And I told her, "Oh, yes! I am very happy and proud of you!" I tried to always make her know that I am very happy and proud of her.

Some nights, when I go to bed I fond myself wondering if I make my dear ones happy and proud of me.

Tonight, more than my dear ones, I want to know if my Poppa is happy and proud of me.  I want nothing as much as I want to hear Him say to me, "Well done my good and faithful Daughter!"


  1. Hi Shannon,

    Long time since writing to you.

    I believe our sole purpose here on earth is to win souls for Jesus Christ and see that they will go to Heaven along with us. This is by no means a simple task when we ourselves carry around this double-identity thing inside of us. The only thing I try to fixate on is when we actually get to go to Heaven and we no longer have this trans thing going on in our lives. We will be perfect beings designed by God Himself.

    MERY CHRISTMAS sister, and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR too!!!



  2. Sorry about the MERY CHRISTMAS...should be MERRY CHRISTMAS