Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The time is a quarter to numb...

How things are for me??? Today my divorce is final. I get my name change... Later this week I'll start chasing all the places I need to change my name. I'll send the paperwork and the money to the state to change my birth certificate and then prolly change my driver's license. Today I'm just a couple of shades shy of being numb. I prolly wont stop at the liquor store but it crosses my mind.


  1. While my circumstances were certainly different- I did go through a divorce. And while it was for the best and it got me to where I am now... I still had to ride the roller coaster of emotions, the doubts and fears and all that. And I had to let go of the dreams that I carried from when I got married. The what-ifs and coulda-be's.

    Prayers for you...

  2. Hi girl, just wanted to let you know you've been awarded the Glamorous Blog Award =)