Sunday, July 3, 2011

Half a bottle of Port

I should not finish off half a bottle of tawny port by myself ...
I do not drink often
I don't make good decisions when I drink
but I do love my port

but being tipsy or more
is not a good thing

it has made the hunger
for touch
and the ache in my arms
and my breasts

to become a need,
to become the aching, starving cry

for someone

to hold me
to cradle me in their arms
to rock me

to make the hunger
to make the hunger go away

this is not about a lover
this is not about a partner
it is not about sex or making love

it is about
being touched
it is about

1 comment:

  1. Hi Shannon!

    A hug can feel so good. All I can offer is a virtual hug.

    I hope you find that hug.

    Calie xxx