Monday, March 19, 2012

Dating Someone New

I'm going to go shopping later today for a couple new outfits.  I want to look good for my birthday out with my Second Daughter on Thursday.  I deserve to feel good about myself.  I am attractive woman for someone not quite 60. I've gotten too comfortable with my "jeans-t's-and-tennies" and I need to get back to doing what I can to look nice like I did when I thought I had to to be seen as the woman I am. I like looking nice and I need to dress for myself. I'm never going to be in Debra's class but I'm never going to be 30 again, either.  But I can be a really attractive woman when I work at it.
And I deserve it!  I deserve me!  Dating has been frustrating.  The women my age think I'm great! And think I'm a really good friend, but ... but ... when it comes to dating, they see me as a man still, or not fully a woman or something.  The women I hang out with and tend to identify with are in their 30's. I am totally a woman to them, but, again, they see me as a "Mom."  And no one wants to date a "Mom." It's ok.  Well, really, it's not ok, but it is what it is. 
There is one woman who I am going to date.  I am going to date myself.  I am going to treat myself to the social life I deserve.  I am going to take myself to dinners and movies and give myself cards and flowers. I am going to court myself. I am going to be my lover. I am going to love myself. 

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