Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Daily Routine...

Such as it is...

Beyond the mornings, I haven’t had much of routine yet. I need to get into some routine so I can better manage my diabetes and my coumadin. My mornings are pretty much set. The 4 ‘S’s when the alarm goes off [or earlier]. Shot [my byetta for my diabetes] then Shit then Shower and Shave. Hopefully, that all gets done in time for my breakfast. This last week, I have been going back to bed for about an hour nap. It seems I am gassing out quickly. I get up from the nap and go to the clinic for my INR check. After that I usually go over to my wife’s place and try to help pack things up for the house to go on sale. Usually around 2, I knock off because I’m out of steam again. I come back to my apartment and crash.

I have no idea how my stamina is going to affect any job I might be able to find. Some of it will depend on how much lifting I have to do. I have to find a job with benefits, soon. All my benefits go away when the divorce is final.

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