Saturday, September 5, 2009

Helluva way to start a new life...

Last Tuesday I saw Dr. Finn and complained about how swollen my leg was. We scheduled an ultrasound appointment for Wednesday. I went to the ultrasound and sure enough there were clots in my leg [deep vein thrombosis or DVT]. From thigh to toe. They were gonna have a Clinic Security person roll me over to the Anti-Coagulation [AG] clinic across the street. Then the duty doc decided because of my shortness of breath they should send me to the ER to be completely checked out. There might be a clot in my lung and that would explain the SOB. I was bundled into an ambulance and off we go!

At the ER, I called my wife and let her know I was there and why. I also told her I wasn’t dressed as a boy. She wasn’t happy to hear that. She came down and was obviously concerned. They ran some tests and put me through a CT scan. I had clots in the lung [pulmonary embolism or PE], too. Three of them. So I was admitted to the hospital, hooked up to a heart monitor and then started blood thinning therapy on me. A couple of days later, they sent me home and I am to start coumadin therapy for probably the next 6 months. I am also going to stop my estrogen therapy. I get to go through menopause and I haven’t even finished puberty ;) .

Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if I had DVT’s in the other leg and clots restricting the blood flow to the head [now wouldn’t that explain a lot ;)]. I get light headed and a little dizzy once in a while, especially when I stand up quickly.

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