Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Hard Day

It was not a very good day.

Some relationship issues and then I had to withdraw the last of the IRA I've been living on and sell off the stock I had hoped to pay for my surgery with. Coming home from that, I contacted a friend who has been following my application for work. He said they'd hired everyone already and my application didn't get a look. Had a very long sad cry about that. I guess I didn't know just how much getting a job there had come t mean to me. Almost three years without work just because I told my supervisor I am a transsexual. They fired me for something else, of course, but it was because I came out.

I am hurting really bad. So many losses the last couple years! I didn't feel like it was an emotionally safe thing for me to do to go out tonight. So I stayed home and watched Harry Potter.


  1. Dear Shannon,

    I am sorry to hear about your work struggle, I hope you can make something happen soon.

    I have a job in a very unstable area of the economy and live in fear that the next day may be my last.



  2. Hi Shannon,

    This is not good news, so, now is the time to buck up and get down to some serious Prayer time. I haven't been out of work for 3 years, but it's getting on to 18 months now. We just have to walk closer to the Lord at these times. I don't have any magical answers, I can only rely on the Lord and Prayer. Please know that I am praying for you. Hopefully the economy will get better.

    Many Blessings, Prayers, and Hugs,

    Cynthia XOXO

  3. Shannon, please keep the faith. You'll get that job. Stay positive in those job interviews. Perhaps move to a more accepting part of the country?

    Calie xx

  4. I'm hanging in... I muddle through my life and that's what I'm doing now. The place I applied had no idea I am anything but a woman, so the acceptance issue isn't there. And the Seattle area in general is as accepting as it gets. Portland, OR and San Francisco are other places on the same level, but I'm not ready to move.